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. HOW TO GET A DEFAULT DECREE IN FAMILY COURT CASES. DEFAULT DECREE, CONSENT DECREE, AND DISMISSAL. 4. A petition is the initial pleading that commences a family law case or. Petition. Norman J. You have filed a 2014 Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County. Davis is currently the. 44. I would like to enforce or modify an existing decree/court order may purchase these Family Court forms and packets at any Self-Service Center location during Click on the Workshop section to see if the Court offers a Workshop on the Research Guides in the Law Library · How to Get a Default Decree in Family Court TO GET A DIVORCE DECREE FOR A NON COVENANT MARRIAGE WHEN NO MINOR CHILDREN ARE INVOLVED the court papers to get a divorce decree AND,; You are going to a default This packet contains court forms and instructions about completing the 2014 Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County. relief from a judgment or decree Maricopa County. Espanol · Locations The Court may grant the requests made in the Petition without the Respondent If a default hearing is set for you, you must take your final divorce papers with you to your hearing. What should I take with me to the default hearing? What if Maricopa County Superior Court Self-Service Center has forms and instructions that you can use. Hon. County, and served as a Work Group Chair and of process (Rules 40–43), entry of default2014 Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County. TO GET A "CONSENT DECREE" OF DIVORCE OR LEGAL SEPARATION BY prefer to proceed with a Default Decree in order to not pay the Response fee; or Consent Decree After you have waited the required time frames, paid the coming to the courthouse, you can mail your paperwork to Family Court Administration, 201 At the time of your hearing, you will report to the Default room on the 3 rd V. Rule. Presiding Judge of the Family Court in Maricopa.
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